Sunday, May 26, 2013

Freebies : cute muslimah .

sudi ambil ok..

thank you :)

thank you :)

60 facts about myself .

1.   I love dried fruits . a lot
2.   my behavior mostly like abah.
3.   green is my official color.
4.   my shoe size is 4 .
5.   easily fall down . unstable .
6.   i love baju kurung .
7.   When i'm hungry, i need to eat Right Now .
8.   easy laughing.
9.   knife are always in my bag.
10.  my home cats. they're everywhere ..
11.  i love chili sauce.
12.  i don't like surprises .
13.  Peanut butter lover.
14.  Untalkative person. (shy)
15.  Pink is my 6th favorite color.
16.  i'm enjoy packing things up.
17.  really want to have a sewing machine.
18.  easily trust in people's opinion.
19.  love to play 'escape game'
20.  i can't imagined how i'll drive my own car.
21.  i got many socks collection.
22.  punctual person.
23.  Easily get annoyed.
24.  always serious in what i believed.
25.  i eat veggies a lot.
26.  naive person. i feels stupid if people cheat on me.
27.  i can't stand walking on mall parking lot.
28.  world languages that i like : british, japanese, siamese , korean .
29.   i hate smokes .
30.  i'm collecting coins on moneybox.
31.  my hands easily sweat when i'm nervous.
32.  i'm a dreamer. i had a lot things to do in my life.
33.  i will be a good wife and mommy.
34.  my confident level is good. but easily panic.
36.  i kinda a book worm lately.
37.  i wake up on 5:44 a.m without sleep again.
38.  i don't wear heels. never .
39.  my lips always dry. but i don't wear make up, i'm just using olive oil.
40.  simple,plain,cute,soft are my fashion.
41.  easily get mental breakdown.
42.  i hate pub/disco music.
43.  friend says i'm kiddo .
44.  i hate hospitals .
45.  always keep changing my face wash.
46.  i'm wearing pashminas a lot.
47.  keep changing a last minute decision.
48.  i always doodle my daily life.
49.  I love foods that smells good.
50.  wanted to have my own brand business.
51.  still wearing blanket even in the hot night.
52.  i love eating food with dipping concept.
53.  easily get jealous in peoples achievement.
54.  still can wear hijab without looking in the mirror.
55.  i love herbs.
56.  hard to cry.
57.  i hate teddy bears.
58.  i hate crowded places.
59.  i love jasmine essence .
60.  i love crafting.